This HackerU/Thrive DX program, offered in cooperation with SDSU Global Campus, will help equip you with the knowledge, tools, and skills you need to build your career as a designer.


About the Program

If you’ve got a strong attention to detail, an appreciation for aesthetics and usability, and a passion for design, this program can help you jumpstart your dream career quickly and efficiently. This 400-hour online program is built for outside-the-box thinkers with little or no professional design background.

You’ll get hands-on experience through interactive design workshops, collaborative team projects, and practical tutorials on industry-leading design tools, including Adobe Creative Suite, and Figma. Our program offers an advanced and comprehensive learning experience that goes beyond theory.

Through the use of advanced remote education technologies, the UX/UI Design Bootcamp is conducted in live, synchronous, virtual classrooms led by experts in the field who provide an insider’s understanding of the fast-paced field of design. We work with our instructors and industry partners to consistently update our curriculum in order to help you meet the latest employer demands. And with a robust career development program that includes résumé workshops, interview training, and more, you’ll be well-prepared to enter the job market with an edge on the competition.


Program Structure

Introduction Course

You’ll begin by learning industry-standard design tools and skills through a combination of demos and hands-on practice. The UX/UI Design Bootcamp starts with a 30-hour Introductory Course that will help you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of user-centered design — including the foundations of visual, UX, and UI design, different roles in the design industry, and what it takes to be a successful designer.

Upon completion of the introductory course, you’ll take an assessment exam and evaluate your progress to determine whether the program and the industry are suitable for you.

UX/UI Design Bootcamp

If you decide to continue with the program, you’ll enroll in the full 370-hour UX/UI Design Bootcamp, where you’ll cover a comprehensive range of topics you need to know to become a successful designer. The program will introduce you to the fundamentals of design, the process of designing, and the skills you need to work collaboratively on a team in a professional setting. We’ll also go beyond design and learn about next-generation technology, digital marketing, frontend development, and more.

The Bootcamp consists of 15 total courses:

How to Think Like a Designer | 12 Hours
In this course, you’ll learn what it means to think like a designer and learn about common design processes and workflow methodologies. You’ll also be introduced to the larger digital landscape, including IoT, VR/AR, and designing for digital products in physical spaces.

Visual Design Essentials | 54 Hours
You’ll learn the foundations of visual and graphic design, including design principles, history, and theory. Focusing on the essentials of good design will give you the fundamental skills you need to succeed as a designer. As you learn to create impactful and inclusive designs, you’ll concentrate on the building blocks used by all designers, including how to use color in your designs, working with type, designing layouts, and using visual hierarchies. You’ll create digital and print media and at the end of the course, will have a working knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

UI Design Essentials | 48 Hours
In this course, you’ll build from your visual design knowledge to focus specifically on UI design. You’ll learn how to design responsive websites using a grid layout. You’ll focus on industry-standard UI/UX tools, learn how to upskill with new software, and how to choose which tool to use. You’ll also learn how to ensure your designs meet the minimum standards in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

UX Design Essentials | 40 Hours
There are endless UX deliverables based on the problem a designer is trying to solve. In this course, you’ll learn a variety of deliverables designers create on a daily basis and how to choose which one to use. You’ll create common UX assets to help define the product and ensure that it is user-centric. You’ll then use information architecture to organize the information of an app or website in a clear way

Conducting Research | 26 Hours
Research is a vital part of the design process. Through a user-centered design approach, this course touches on design research methods that ensure you’re building a product that fits user, market, and business needs. You’ll learn to design and conduct market and user research using remote tools such as Miro, Zoom, and and how to synthesize your findings into actionable data. You’ll then use this research to take your designs through high-fidelity prototypes.

Ideating & Prototyping | 26 Hours
Ideating is a way to quickly and inexpensively concept, design, and prototype ideas. In this course, you’ll learn to create sketches and paper prototypes to rapidly identify viable solutions. After sketching, you’ll create low- to mid-fidelity wireframes, which are grayscale digital blueprints that enable you to make efficient designs without fixating on perfection.

Usability Testing | 20 Hours
Usability testing evaluates how easy a design is to use by obtaining direct input from potential and/ or current users, and helps uncover problems and opportunities to improve the usability of a design. It’s an essential part of designing successful products that meet user and business needs. In this course, you’ll learn the different types of usability tests and how to set up and conduct these tests on your designs. You’ll synthesize your findings to know what to iterate on your design.

High-Fidelity Design | 26 Hours
Designers use high-fidelity mockups and prototypes to represent the product as close to the finished version as possible. In this course, you’ll use color, typography, iconography, and images to design a beautiful, accessible, and functional product.

Microinteractions | 8 Hours
In this course, you’ll be introduced to the areas of interaction design dedicated to crafting animations and virtual interactions that are both delightful and useful. You’ll learn principles of animations; when, where, and how to use microinteractions; and the different types of transitions used between digital states.

Team Project | 36 Hours
During the team project, you’ll work in small teams to build a product leveraging all of the skills, knowledge, and tools you have learned over the program. You'll learn how to work on a design team, complete a project with sprints and deadlines, and present and talk about your designs with stakeholders. This project will be featured in your portfolio and gives you a project to talk about in interviews.

Introduction to Front-End Development | 20 Hours
Knowing the basics of coding provides you with an understanding of the technical limitations of a product. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Invision, 72% of designers have some degree of coding experience. In this course, you’ll receive a high-level overview of web development and how a website is built. You’ll learn the basics of HTML and CSS, giving you the ability to edit a website or prototype your designs.

Introduction to Digital Marketing | 12 Hours
Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts to promote products, services, brands, or people. Knowing the basics of digital marketing provides designers with an understanding of business and market needs. In this course, you’ll learn a high-level overview of digital marketing, including SEO, copywriting, and designing for social media.

Design Portfolios | 30 Hours
The most important aspect to getting a UX or UI job is the portfolio. In this course, you’ll build a high-quality portfolio made up of case studies from your course projects. You’ll also participate in two personal meetings with Student Success Professionals, who provide orientation and critical review of presented portfolios.

Preparing for a Design Career | 12 Hours
This specialized course provides you with the training and tools you need to begin your career as a designer. It focuses specifically on the common technical interviews you might encounter as a designer and how to take on freelance work.


Why Choose SDSU’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp?

  • 400 virtual in-class hours of instruction
  • 15 specialized courses
  • Advanced remote learning technology
  • Live lessons and design workshops led by industry experts
  • Collaborative design projects to help you build your portfolio
  • Professional networking opportunities with instructors, guest speakers, and classmates
  • Career-building workshops

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SDSU UX/UI Design Bootcamp Introductory Course (30 Hours)

This unique 30-hour course introduces you to the design field to help ensure this is the right path for you, and provides an opportunity to assess your progress to ensure you will be successful in the program. You’ll learn the foundations of visual, UI, and UX design, including the different roles within the industry and what it takes to be a successful designer today. You’ll be introduced to industry-leading design software through demos, hands-on practice, and instructor feedback. Before proceeding into the rest of the program, you’ll complete an assessment exam and meet with an Admissions Advisor to examine your future success in the program.

Time to Complete: 30 Hours

Cost: $500

SDSU UX/UI Bootcamp

The extended course consists of the full UX/UI Design Bootcamp program. Through a series of 15 unique online courses, you’ll learn fundamentals of design - including software, tools, design theory, and the principles of good design. You’ll also learn about the design process in the workplace, which includes creating optimal user interfaces and experiences, workflow management, and end-to-end design. In the final portion of the program, you’ll learn how to work collaboratively on a team of designers by participating in a team project with your classmates. You’ll also participate in a career development course that will help you put together your portfolio, build your résumé, and begin your job search as a well-rounded, highly-prepared UX/UI designer.

Time to Complete: 400 Hours (30 Hour Intro Course + 370 Hour Bootcamp)

Cost: $14,500 (Total program cost: $15,000)

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